7th December 2021
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The short-term school in Marbella

AnnaKarin, you are the CEO and owner of the Swedish short-term school Banús in Marbella. You are a trained vocational teacher in the hairdressing profession, how did you come to start this school, Swedish short-term school Banús?

After living down here for a few years, I saw how the number of Swedish tourists increased for each holiday and year.
The idea to start a school came when I started discussing with my current colleague about what we Swedes lack down here?
We ourselves have children and for us, it would have been perfect if this school existed when we moved here ourselves. Then we could have tried for shorter periods and not had to take the big step of moving.
A pupil in pre-school class and the compulsory school can be given shorter periods of time for individual matters.

How does time at school work here? Do you also grade?

With us, students work individually with included study funds from their school in Sweden. They simply move their studies to another location.
As we are a short-term school, we do not set grades, however, we send with a reconciliation report in the various subjects.

What is most appreciated by the students?

Hahaha, now I will read what the students have written in their questionnaires that they have to fill in when they leave with us?

- It is cosy and fun and luxurious

- The food, the teacher

- That you can work in what order you want

- I had time to do a lot

Besides the usual school work, you have the opportunity to choose sports such as paddle, tennis, taekwondo and swimming. Which is most popular?

Yes, they can choose a sports profile, which is directly adjacent to the end of the school day.
Paddle is most popular, closely followed by taekwondo.

How many children do you receive per year?

We accept reservations per week, not years, and right now we accept 14 school students/week.
For our Kids Club, which we are expanding within January, we also accept 14 children.

The biggest reason why kids go to school here?

Many families already live here and can work remotely. Another group of families we have had are those who are eager to try something new with the family. Our short-term school enables families to come here for shorter periods.

Do you have children yourself?

Yes, I have three children

What school do they go to?

Two of them go to Laude, after three years at the Swedish school Marbella, and one graduated from the Swedish school in Fuengirola this spring.

How did you and your family end up in Marbella?

We wanted to try to change country for a while. I had saved the parental allowance for our youngest daughter and then I took a year off.
We started looking for Swedish schools and by coincidence, we ended up in Marbella. My husband had to stay in Sweden so we and our three girls moved down here ourselves. We knew no one so I can say that the first time was pretty tough. My husband commutes back and forth.

How long have you lived here?

We have lived down here for 7 years now.

What is the best thing about living in Spain?

Absolutely best here in Marbella is the light in wintertime I think. I love the winter in Marbella, not too hot and not too many tourists. Another thing is that you spend a lot more time outdoors, old and young meet at restaurants, cafes, bars and walk a lot. It’s such a wonderful atmosphere and much of the social takes place without planning, you socialize more spontaneously here.

Tips for other parents?

I really think you should take the chance to move with your family if you have the opportunity. It does not have to be that long at first, but to dare to make a change for a period. The whole family develops and you get to know new people and new environments, which I myself find incredibly inspiring! 








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