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The Maiti Homes Team

About us

Maiti Homes is a premier real estate agency specializing in exclusive properties in the Marbella region.

Since 1999, Marianne Steneholm, founder of Maiti Homes, has been at the forefront of the premier Real Estate market, specialising in exclusive properties in the Marbella region. With over 20 year of working knowledge in the area, Marianne’s experience has brought us to where we are today. Through the boom of 2004 and then the crisis in 2007, Maiti Homes has maintained its position as market leader for finding, above all, the hidden gems. The agency focuses on the best properties on the market in terms of location, price and quality. We work with primarily with international clients looking for a new residence, a second home or an investment opportunity.

Maiti Homes, as a premier real estate agency, is always available for clients by providing a personal service that foments a long-term relationship. Furthermore, apart from providing real estate expertise, our clients turn to us for management services once they have found their ideal property.

The Key to Premier Real Estate Success

Whether you are looking to buy or sell a property, it is crucial to have an experienced professional who is willing to take the time to guide you step by step in the process. We strive to communicate in a language that both parties understand by using transparent communication and clear advice.

Our company believes that our portfolio of worldwide buyers and our extensive portfolio of hand selected properties from sellers, have equal importance. It is the key to our success as a premier real estate agency, and we are always looking for ways to improve our business model in this fast-growing marketplace. We are continuously studying market developments advising both buyers and sellers accordingly.  

The Maiti Homes multicultural team is led by Marianne Steneholm who is a native of Sweden with a degree in Economics, Property Valuation & Real Estate. Marianne applies Swedish real estate ethics to the company. She is a Certified Real Estate Agent.

Our Commitment to Giving Back

Maiti is a beautiful word from the Nepali language meaning “A woman’s childhood home”. The word evokes loving memories and a feeling of comfort. Maiti is a concept that many Nepali women carry close to their hearts.

One key differentiator of Maiti Homes from other agencies, is the importance the company places on giving back. A large part of all fee’s charged by Maiti Homes are donated directly to Maiti Nepal– a charity organization dedicated to stopping human trafficking. This initiative, which is close to the CEO’s heart, promotes helping those less fortunate by giving them a proper education and safe shelters  after being rescued.  

With a warm welcome, we look forward to meeting you; we speak Spanish, English, Swedish, Norwegian, French and German.