Living in Marbella


Once the decision was made, it all went very quickly

Our journey began in Oslo, Norway, where we met and started our own family. 

We lived in Oslo for about 5 years when we realized that we wanted something more in life. As a first step we moved to south part of Stockholm in Sweden, to figure out where we would like to live. We stayed in Sweden for 3,5 years but never felt it was the right place for us either. 

Finally, we started talking about settling down in Spain with our best friends and business partners. Once the decision was made, it all went very quickly. We booked our flights shortly after signing a rental contract and arranging car transport. Before sending our car in the transport, we filled it up with as much as we possibly could and the rest of our belongings, we sold. We had never been to Spain except the Gran Canaria islands, so this was a very big decision for us. We located the Swedish schools in Spain and did research about the larger cities. We found that there were a Swedish school in both Marbella and Fuengirola and proceeded with our applications at both schools. Our thought was that the school that first accepts us, will be the place we go but finally we got accepted to both of them, so we had to make our own physical choice. Marbella it was. 


My family

Our family are 4 people and one dog. It’s me, Jennifer and my husband Adrian and our children Lucas (8 years), Liam (3 years) and of course our dog Frank who we adopted from a shelter in Mijas. 

Me and Adrian have been together for 10 years and married for 2 years.

We started searching in and around Marbella to see where exactly in Marbella we would like to live, and quickly came across Nueva Andalucía, due to the closeness to the Swedish school. Not only did we want to live near the school, but we had also heard very good about Nueva Andalucía. 


A townhouse in Nueva Andalucía

We rented a townhouse with 4 rooms and a large communal garden area and swimming pool. Very close to shops and restaurants and just a short walk to the beach as well. We wanted a place where our children could have their own rooms as well as one extra guest room so we would always have place for the family to visit. 

My husband has his own company, he works in the healthcare sector where he hires out doctors and nurses to Sweden. He quickly found an office space in Aloha Gardens to rent. 

I have been home with our youngest child, Liam for 3,5 years. The Swedish school have a lower age limit so until he was old enough to start there, I stayed home with him. Now with Liam happily attending the Swedish school, I have started to work as a support manager at Sthlm Fragrance Supplier. It is a job that I really love! 

It took us a couple of months to find our routines here. I would say that is mainly because Marbella is such a vacation paradise, and it was a big change from Sweden. Slowly we have adapted and found our new routines here and I would say that we are now settled in to” a ordinary“life here. But… then again, life in Marbella is never ordinary and  that is why we love to live here so much! This place is so alive!

We still live in the same townhouse, and we now have a rent to buy option and we never want to leave this place! Life here is great!  


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